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Supply Chain Management

Propac has a permanent stock enabling it to deliver to most of its customers "just in time".

The company has a 3,250 square metre warehouse. This capacity can be increased to more than 10,000 square metres if the infrastructures of associated companies (Val du Geer, Jean Del'cour, Ateliers du Monceau) are taken into account.


Propac is also able to repackage its customers' products according to their needs (their specifications).

Deliveries are tailored to the needs of each customer: daily, weekly and on demand.

Our qualified teams (drivers/haulage contractors/crane operators) can independently replenish your stocks.

Propac has all the required user and safety licences.


Propac can provide online access to its ordering program and/or take care of the daily inventory of consumables for its customers: metal, cardboard, paper, labels, label holders, strapping, plastics, adhesive paper/tape, wood fibres, frames, pallets, wooden crates and packaging of all kinds.

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